Andy Fletcher's Biography


ndy Fletcher's career as an artist started early. He began drawing trains—one of his first loves—from his own photos when he was still in school. .All of his drawings are done by hand with a pencil and watercolor pens.Andy's first engine to draw was BN's 1991 "DESERT STORM" SD60M. Then in 1992, Burlington Northern Railroad asked him to design their popular SD70MAC Executive color scheme. Altogether, Andy has drawn over 1,500 trains, from steam to modern diesel and cars, cabooses and other equipment. He has been commissioned to paint trains for railroads, railroad historical societies and museums. Andy has epilepsy and was unable to draw from 2001-2007. During his hiatus from drawing trains, he did some watercolor paintings, but as soon as he was able, he came back to trains. People often ask, “Why trains?” and the answer is he just loves them. He feels rewarded by the joy his drawings have brought others. Below is a sample magnet of the SD70MAC engine he designed for Burlington Northern. His magnets and prints make great gifts and promotional items. If you are interested in having Andy draw a piece of equipment you can e-mail him for more information.










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